1. What does Project Open Hand do?

Project Open Hand is a nonprofit organization that provides meals with love to seniors and the critically ill. Every day, we prepare 2,500 nutritious meals and provide 200 bags of healthy groceries to help sustain our clients as they battle serious illnesses, isolation, or the health challenges of old age. We serve San Francisco and Alameda Counties, engaging more than 125 volunteers every day to nourish our community.

2. When was Project Open Hand founded?

In 1985, a San Francisco grandmother and retired food-service worker named Ruth Brinker looked around at what were the early days of the AIDS epidemic. After seeing a close friend with AIDS suffer from malnutrition, Ruth knew what needed to be done – feed her neighbors. She began by preparing meals in her kitchen for seven neighbors with AIDS. She brought meals to their homes, along with a friendly smile, an encouraging word, and a healthy dose of love. And with this, Ruth founded Project Open Hand.

3. How do people qualify for services?

4. How much of my donation goes to direct services to people with AIDS or other illnesses?

79% to direct services, 21% to administrative and fundraising costs.

5. What is Project Open Hand’s tax ID number? Is Project Open Hand a 501(c)(3) organization?

Tax ID# 94-3023551. Yes, Project Open Hand is a non-profit organization, given tax-exempt status under section 501(c)(3) of the IRS code.

6. What is Project Open Hand’s mailing address / main phone / fax number?

Project Open Hand – San Francisco
730 Polk Street
San Francisco, CA 94109
Main Phone: (415) 447-2300
Fax: (415) 447-2490

7. Where is the East Bay office/facility?

Project Open Hand – Oakland
1921 San Pablo Avenue
Oakland, CA 94612
Phone: (510) 622-0221
Fax: (510) 452-1061

8. Where is the Project Open Hand San Francisco Grocery Center?

730 Polk Street
San Francisco, CA 94109
Hours: Tuesdays 9AM to 4PM
Wednesday-Saturday, 11AM to 4PM
Sunday & Monday, closed

9. Does Project Open Hand receive $ from the United Way? Can I designate Project Open Hand to receive my United Way donation?

Yes. There’s no need to have a United Way number. Donors can simply write in Project Open Hand and be sure to put our address or put in our account number:  9258780.

10. Does Project Open Hand receive money from the government?

Project Open Hand receives partial support for services to people with HIV/AIDS from federal Ryan White CARE Act funds through the public health departments of San Francisco and Alameda counties. The Senior Lunch Program is funded by San Francisco’s Aging and Adult Services Commission, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, senior contributions, and Project Open Hand.

11. How many clients does Project Open Hand serve? How many meals? How many Grocery bags at the Grocery Centers?

In Fiscal Year 2011-12, Project Open Hand served a total of 8,628 clients. We prepared 757,586 meals for seniors and clients living with HIV/AIDS, breast cancer and other serious illnesses. Our clients made more than 76,000 visits to our grocery centers.

12. How many volunteers help at Project Open Hand?

Project Open Hand relies on more than 100 volunteers each day. Volunteers work in our kitchen, grocery centers, and adminstrative offices.  Theya re also out in our communiyt, delivering meals ans staffing special events. Learn more about volunteering here.

13. How can I volunteer?

Learn more about volunteering here.  Your first step is to attend a volunteer orientation meeting. In San Francisco, every Wednesday at 6 PM. In the East Bay, call our site manager to arrange an orientation at (510) 596-8200.

14. How many staff?

About 110 staff, full and part-time, including the part time staff at various senior lunch center sites.

15. Can I donate my car?

Yes, but Project Open Hand will not be using the car to deliver meals. We sell the car and keep the money as a donation. We are currently working with Car Donation Services.  Please give them a call at 1-888-686-4483 or complete our online donation form. Thank you!

16. Can I donate stock?

Yes, Project Open Hand is pleased to accept gifts of stock. Click here for more details, or contact our Director of Development at (415) 447-2410 or via email.

17. Can I donate food, furniture, etc?

All non-perishable, “in kind” donation calls should go to our Purchasing Manager at (415) 447-2375.

18. Can I throw a party or put on an event and give the proceeds to Project Open Hand?

Please contact our Director of Special Events at (415) 447-2416 or via email. If you are interested in sponsoring or attending an event please visit our upcoming events page.

19. Can I leave money in my will for Project Open Hand?

Yes, we are always honored when someone leaves a gift for Project Open Hand in their planned giving. For more information please click here or contact our Director of Development at (415) 447-2410 or via email.

20. Can I buy Project Open Hand products?

Yes, you can find all kinds of Project Open Hand products such as aprons, t-shirts, cards and calendars at http://store.openhand.org/.

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