General questions about Project Open Hand? Call (415) 447-2300 or email [email protected]. Fax (415) 447-2490

Mailing Address:

730 Polk Street
San Francisco, CA 94109

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Have specific questions about:

Our Meal and Grocery Programs? Email Client Services or call (800) 551-6325 or fax (415) 447-2492

Our Senior Program? Email the Senior Program or call (415) 447-2480

Donating? Email Donations or call (415) 447-2419

In-Kind Donations? Call (415) 447-2375

Volunteering? Email Volunteer Services or call (415) 447-2404

Media Inquiries? Email our Director of Communications or call (415) 447-2426.

Upcoming Events? Email Special Events or call (415) 447-2316.

General questions about Project Open Hand? Call (415) 447-2300 or email [email protected]

If a client is unable, due to health reasons, to come to Project Open Hand, a home visit can be arranged by calling (800) 551-MEAL (6325) between 9:00AM and 4:00 PM Monday through Friday.

Kevin Winge

Kevin Winge, Executive Director, (415) 447-2300

Artrese Morrison

Artrese Morrison, Associate Executive Director, Volunteer Services, Distribution, East Bay Programs, (415) 447-2310

Simon Pitchford

Simon Pitchford, Associate Executive Director, Operations, (415) 447-2361

Mark Ryle

Mark Ryle, Associate Executive Director, Finance & Client Services, (415) 447-2321

Jessica Avalos

Jessica Avalos, Director of Human Resources, (415) 447-2351

Jared Scherer

Jared Scherer, Director of Development, (415) 447-2410

Maria Stokes

Maria Stokes, Director of Communications, (415) 447-2426

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