Interested in Hosting an Event?

Events play a fun and important role in Project Open Hand’s fundraising efforts because they allow our supporters to contribute to our operating budget while being able to participate in the event, receiving publicity, satisfaction and good community relations in return. Project Open Hand fundraising events can be a house party, a festival, a concert, a sale-the type of event is only limited by your imagination. Corporations or businesses, organizations or individuals can organize a Project Open Hand fundraising event.

One way to support Project Open Hand’s mission is to host an event of your own and designate Project Open Hand as the Beneficiary. The fundraiser that you produce for Project Open Hand provides public awareness and financial support that we need to continue serving meals and groceries to people with AIDS, the seriously ill and senior citizens.

We are invested in the success of your event and can sometimes provide the following support:

  • Project Open Hand’s name, logo and mission statement.
  • Publicity for your event through a variety of media resources. Depending on the timing, availability and scope of your event, some of these resources include internal postings, a listing in the event calendar, an invitation mailing (when scheduling allows), a listing in our quarterly newsletter, Meal Times (Circulation 43,000)
  • Volunteer and logistical planning support.
  • While we are eager to hear your fundraising ideas, your event may not always be well suited for Project Open Hand. Because our staff is small, we may not be able to provide you with the level of support you need. Please contact us for exact details. You can always expect heartfelt appreciation in return.

All fundraising events benefiting Project Open Hand must be approved in writing by Project Open Hand’s Special Events staff. Please contact Project Open Hand before using our name, logo or mission statement to publicize your event or pursue event sponsorship.

We ask that the percentage of event proceeds to benefit Project Open Hand and/or the total contribution amount be established in writing in advance of the event, and will be noted in publicity materials. We will send you our tax I.D. number for your tax deduction purposes.

Please provide Project Open Hand with the names and addresses of all sponsors and supporters of your fundraiser if you would like them to receive a personalized thank you from Project Open Hand that includes pertinent tax-deduction information.

Thank you very much for your interest in getting involved with Project Open Hand’s special events. Your participation is meaningful to thousands of people who rely on Project Open Hand’s nutritional services. If you need more information, or are interested in participating in any of our annual events or creating your own special event as a benefit for Project Open Hand, please contact me.

Marissa Currie
Assistant Director of Development – Special Events
Phone: (415) 447-2412
[email protected]


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