Project Open Hand Giving Clubs

Project Open Hand recognizes generous supporters of our work through the Plate Clubs.  It is the generosity of so many that enables Project Open Hand to provide nourishing food to our neighbors in need every day of the year.

The following is a list of Plate Club donors, who have made gifts to Project Open Hand during our Fiscal Year 2013-14 (from July 1, 2013 to June 30, 2014), whose giving totals $1000 or more. Thank you!

The Avon Foundation
The San Francisco Giants on behalf of The Giant Race Fundraisers

Anonymous (1)
Raymond A. Brown

Ghirardelli Chocolate Co.
John and Marcia Goldman
Hugo Hermann Irrevocable Trust
Macy’s, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Philip Ingber
John Frey and Jane Letourneau

AAA Northern California,
Nevada and Utah
BlackRock Financial Management, Inc.
Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS
Gilead Sciences
William G. Gilmore Foundation
San Francisco AIDS Foundation
Wallis Foundation
Wal-Mart Foundation
Wells Fargo Foundation

Anonymous (2)
Eugene Fuller, Jr. Memorial Trust
Nicholas and Susan Hellmann
Michael and Mary Osborn
The Estate of Fred J. Wenzel

Academy of Friends
The Amgen Foundation
Bank of America Foundation
Ronald L. Batten Family
Revocable Trust
Coatue Management
Crescent Porter Hale Foundation
Gap Foundation
Genentech Inc
George H. Sandy Foundation
Evelyn & Walter Haas, Jr. Fund
HRH Foundation
George Frederick Jewett Foundation
Maidenherren Fund of The Silicon Valley Foundation
Mellam Family Foundation
Middle Passage Foundation
Richmond/Ermet AIDS Foundation
Safeway Incorporated
Stilllife Construction
Union Bank of California
Union Pacific Foundation
UPS Foundation, Inc.
Valencia Cyclery
Webb Family Charitable Trust
Wells Fargo Community Support

Anonymous (7)
Kelly and Carrie Barlow
Ronald Batten and
Dennis Sarracino
Daniel and Adrian Blumberg
Bruce Colman
J. P. Richards Dillingham
Farhad and Flora Khosravi
Neil Mac Phail
Carmen McReynolds
Wilda Northrop and
Lowell Northrop III
Mary O’Connell and Jane Musser
Vernon and Jane Oi
Jane and Richard Peattie
Thomas Renau and Alykhan Motani
Orlin and Onnolee Trapp
Robert Williams

American Endowment Foundation
The Isabel Allende Foundation
Bloomberg L.P.
Booz & Company, Inc.
California Pacific Medical Center
Chevron Humankind
Employee Funds
Community Thrift Store
Credit Suisse Americas Foundation
Darton World Communications
Walter & Elise Haas Fund
Kaiser Permanente
Lee Family Foundation
Microsoft Matching Gifts Program
Morrison & Foerster Foundation
Paul S. Nadler Family
Charitable Trust
Tom May – David May II Foundation
Network For Good
The Patron Spirits Company Foundation
Sam Mazza Foundation
SCAN Health Plan
Sterling Bank & Trust
The Laszlo N. Tauber Family Foundation
Zephyr Real Estate

Anonymous (5)
Paul Asente and Ron Jenks
Michael Borck and Kathleen Brannan
Joan Braddi
Karl Christiansen
Kobi Conaway and Andrew Owen
Lawrence and Meli Cook
Patricia Eckhardt
Mrs. Donald G. Fisher
Glenn and Kristine Gable
David Giltinan
Jason Glassman
Garnet Gorin
Margaret E. Haas
Heather Hanly and Dan Purcell
David R. Johnson
Edward Lamberger
Nicole Lederer and Lawrence Orr
Benson Lee
S. B. Meyer
Barbara and Len Rand
Charles and Gail Roberts
James B. Sanford
Peter and Veronique Siggins
Laura S. Smith
Lyle and Jacqueline Whited
Scott Willoughby
David and Janet Wilson
Marilyn and Boris Wolper
Neil and Pegi Young
Andrej Zervan and James Mercer

Bank of America
California Health Care Foundation
Carlson Beck, LLC
Castro Street Fair
Destination Wealth Management, Inc.
Food Bank of Contra Costa and Solano
Hood and Strong, LLP
Hub Strategy & Communication
The Humanist Fund
JK Group Trustees for Visa International
Kaiser Permanente
Community Giving
Landis Communications
Lawrence Livermore National
Lee and Perry Smith Fund
Parnassus Investments
Phoebe Snow Foundation
Price Waterhouse Copper, LLP
Raymond Family Foundation
Revolver U.S.A.
San Francisco Pride Celebration
Satori Sciences, Inc.
Umpqua Bank
Visa Giving Station

Anonymous (2)
Diana Adachi
Ben Baker
Amy Blakeman
Lorraine M. Bosche
Terrie Campbell and James Henderson
Alan Casserly and Elizabeth Cartwright
David and Karin Chamberlain
Daniel M. Chew
James Covey
Michael P. Dillon
Elizabeth Erdos and Wayne DeJong
Michelle Furnanz
Anne R. Galle
William Giammona and Dennis Lickteig
Anthony and Laurel Gilbert
Linda S. Glick
Bruce Gold
Jeff Gray and Sharon Dickson
Robert Grossman
Dorothy Harkavy
Raymond Hawks
Tyler H. Hofinga
Betty Jensen
Brendon M. Kearney
Carmela Krantz
Barry and Marie Lipman
Keith D. Maddock
Bruce McCarthy
Ellen and Harold McElhinny
John and Sandra McGonigle
Peter and P. McIntyre
Kirk McKusick and Eric Allman
Faye Mellos
Cynthia Mia Mitchell
Edward Mittelstaedt
Virginia M. Paul
Tom and Gwendolyn Price
Arthur and Toni Rock
Julia Rogers and Curtis McKinney
Anne and Martin Roher
William Schoch and Joshua Stein
Richard R. Spaete
Estate of Sylvester
Thomas L. Tarnowski
T. Kalee and Theron Tock
Thomas and Ancella Toldrian
Bill Wall and Wes Erickson
Kimberly A. Watson
Robert and Sheila Weisblatt
Gina Wellmaker
David L. Wicker
Margaret and Stephen Wilcox
Diane B. Wilsey
Kevin Winge and Kevin Shores
Ellie Wood

Advisory Board Company
American Conservatory Theater
Apple Matching Gift
Argonaut Securities Company
K. Arakelian Foundation
Avon Products Foundation, Inc
Bank of America
United Way Campaign
Bingham, Osborn & Scarborough
Brenda’s, LLC
Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners
California B&B Corps
Center for Student Missions, Inc.
Chambers & Chambers
Wine Merchants
Charles Schwab Foundation
Cliff Bar & Company
Community Stands
Concord Music Group, Inc.
E&J Gallo Winery
East Bay Community Foundation
EMD Fund
Robert and Martha Falkenberg
First Dollar Foundation
Fletcher Bay Foundation
Galinson Family Foundation
Glenview Woman’s Club
Golden State Grand Chapter
Lisa and Douglas Goldman Fund
Hall Capital Partners, LLC
Hilltop Foundation
Horizons Foundation
Howard Properties
Intuit Matching Gift Program
The Kaplan Family
David Lake and Ina McInnis
Philanthropic Fund
Larson Charitable Foundation
Richard and Emily Levin Fund
Lubin Olson & Niewiadomski, LLP
McKesson Foundation Matching Gift Program
Meeting Resource Group
Paxti’s Pizza
Picnic Dash Productions, LLC
Premium Port Wines, Inc.
Ronald C. Wornick Jewish Day School
Eli & Mae Rosen Foundation
Sass Social Justice Fund
Sea Hunt Pearls
Charles See Foundation
The Singer Family Fund
The Abe & Kathryn Selsky Fund
Touchpoint Foundation
Under One Roof, Inc.
VanLobenSels/RembeRock Foundation
The WEC Charitable Trust
Wells Fargo Bank
Yeatman Family Foundation
The Zurich-American Foundation

Anonymous (12)
Suzanne and Glenn Aaronson
Michael Ackerman and Oliver Burgelman
Mr. & Mrs. Rodney Acquisto
Kay and Benjamin Andersen
Karen and Brian Anderson
Susan Aumiller
Audrey Barris and Randall Barkan
Richard and Debra Barth
Margaret Becker and Dennis Yarak
Joelle Benioff
Michael Bereskin
Robert Bernheim
JoAnn and Jack Bertges
Barbara Bishop and Michael Saroyan
Eileen F. Bohen
James Bowler
Sheila Brady
Germaine Brennan
Mark Bresnik and J. Bloebaum
Carolyn E. Butler
Denis Carrade
Corinne Celio
Susan and Ronald Choy
Suzanne K. Clausen
Anita Clemetson
Jessica and Robert Collett
Shannon Conner
Susan W. Cooper
James Crook and David Harbison
George and Susan Crow
Gail C. Currey
Thomas Cutillo and Priscilla Myrick
Myrna and Ray Deckert
Joseph J. DeJulio
Diane Diggins
Fatma Lale and Tunc Doluca
Peter and Marie Dorsey
Prudence Dreyfus
Phillip and Lesley Dunkelberger
Joan Eaton and Paul Gibson
John and Margaret Engelhart
Paul A. Erle
Robert Falk and Susan Ramsumair
Holly Ann Fant
Michael and Linda Fawkes
Irwin and Concepcion Federman
Christopher Ferguson
Richard Ferrie
Carol and Howard Fine
Lawrence and Nancy Fitzgerald
Penny and Sean Fottrell
Sue Free
Joyce and Stuart Freedman
Diane and John Freeman
Andrea L. Frome
Richard I. Fuselier
Linda and Eden Gallanter
William Goodman
Ronald Gregoire and Bryan Freedman
Paul R. Grippardi
Carol and Joseph Grundfest
Glenn and Virginia Haldan
Carolyn and Robert Hall
Katherine and John Halliday
Jack Hanshaw
Barbara and William Hazen
Marjorie Heinrich
Frances Hellman and Warren Breslau
Rebecca and Pete Helme
Dave Hendrickson and Daniel Sonnenfeld
Herbert L. Heyneker
Gary E. Hiatt
Rick Holden and Peter Philipp
Mark and Sharon Hood
James Hormel, Jr. and Kathleen Hormel
Lucille Jewett
Janet and Robert Johnson
Ola Paulette Johnson
Leslie and Ron Kahn
Jeffrey and Anne Katz
Carl Kaufman and Martha Angove
Lancaster and Mel Charisse Kawi
Steven and Judy Kazan
David and Anita Keller
David Michael Kelly
Gailyn Kennedy and Timothy Barabe
Ann L. Kennedy
Margaret Lumpkin Keon
Linda Kha
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Kiler
James F. King
Kathy Knopoff and Richard Green
Tong and Brian Kobilka
S. Kochis and Penelope Wong
Thomas L. Kocon
Garry Koenigsberg
Michael Kossman
Kurt W. Krebs
Matthew and Kimberly Krummel
Miho Kubota
David and Diana Kunst
Philip Kuttner
Jeanne and Paul Lam
Samuel Larson
Michele Lau and Neal Jacunski
Shawn Leavitt and David Tran
Zahavah Levine
Elisabeth Rellstab Levy
Elaine Lew-Smith and Darrell Smith
Kevin Lima
Beth P. Lind
Benjamin Lindsey
David G. Lindsey
Steven P. Loch
Diane and Leslie Lynch
Lena Malik
Susan and Steven Masters
I. Schmid Maybach
Michael J. McGinley
Mary McGrath
David J. Mellor
Eli B. Messinger
Jeff Meyer
Peter Z. Michael
Caroline Mitchel
Peter and Paulina Monaco
Tim Moore and Elizabeth Lindquist
John V. Moore
Bette Moorman
John and Tashia Morgridge
Paul C. Mugnier
Linda Nanbu
Benjamin C. Newsom
Christopher Nguyen
John Nielsen
Patrick E. O’Connor
Garrick O. Ohlsson
Kenneth Olivier and Angela Nomellini
Richard Pacheco
Ralph Pais and Gayl Huston
Almerio Palanca
Curt Parker and Gerald Francone
Ann and Michael Parker
Francesca Passalacqua and Donald Hardy
Louise Pescetta
J. and S. Peters
John Podolsky
Albert Polk
Ken Prag
Lyle Ramshaw
Weslie Rau and Dennis Snapp
Norman Robinson
William Robinson
Richard W. Ross
Tachina Rudman and Peter Young
Jeffrey and Elisa Maria Rummel
Christine and James Russell
Maria Sacher-Mastrangelos and Dallas Sacher
Roy Sauer
Gretchen Schaffner and Alex Reid
Lori Schechter and William Hebert
James and Lucia Schultz
Renee and Philip Seay
Margo Sensenbrenner
Chris and Madaline Shearer
William and Marylee Siegle
Allan Sindler
Kathleen A. Skeels
Margaret R. Skornia
David Slattengren
W. Byron Smith
Ron Smithson, Jr
Brian P. Smyth
Tracy Steelhammer and Jerri Brown
Cynthia A. Stephenson
Priscilla Stoyanof
Julie Stuhr and Conrado Dominguez
Kevin Tam
John Thorslev
Shirley M. Timm
Timothy Treadway
Gary P. Van Dyk
James T. Wandrey
Scott Ward
Martin and Janell Ward
Marc Weeks
Maria and Peter Wenner
Jamie Westcott
Laura Westley and Craig Tyle
Karen White
Virgil B. Williams
Felicity Wohltman
Eleanor Yee
Elaine and Reginald Zelnik
Joseph and Denise Ziony
William A. Zschaler

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