Help us deliver nutritious meals to homebound clients.  We need volunteers for walking delivery and driving delivery (using your own car).  Shifts start between 3:30 PM and 5:30 PM.

Specific Duties:

  • Work with Distribution staff to organize and pack meals, groceries, desserts, and any other items needed for delivery.
  • Go over route sheet for particulars of each delivery and check with dispatcher before leaving.
  • Drive or walk specified delivery route, paying attention to instructions for each delivery and coding the route sheet to indicate outcome of each attempt.
  • At stationary sites, handing out meals to clients listed on the sheet.
  • Follow all the guidelines for delivery discussed in the delivery orientation.


For all:

  • Volunteer must be at least twelve (12) years of age with adult supervision or fifteen (15) without adult supervision.
  • Volunteer must be comfortable interacting with a variety of individuals in a culturally diverse environment.
  • Volunteer must show proof of a negative Tuberculosis screening.
  • Volunteer must be willing to commit to six (6) months.

For Driving Routes:

  • Volunteer must be fully licensed, insured, and able to drive in the state of California.
  • Volunteer must have a good working knowledge of the city streets and/or the ability to read provided maps and directions.
  • Volunteer must have a safe vehicle in good working order, registered, and insured.
  • Volunteer must be able to climb several flights of stairs or have a helper able to do so.

For Walking Routes:

  • Volunteer must be able to walk several blocks pulling a wheeled delivery bag, or carrying a shoulder bag.
  • Volunteer must be able to climb several flights of stairs
  • Volunteer must be able to navigate Single Room Occupancy (SRO) hotels and apartment buildings.

For Stationary Sites:

  • Volunteer must be capable of standing for long periods
  • Volunteer must be able to attend to large numbers of clients at once and stay organized.

Want to get started? Visit our main Volunteering page for orientation information. If you have questions about volunteering, please call our volunteer hotline at (415) 447-2404 or email our Director of Volunteer Services.

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