IMG_6591Slice and dice in our kitchen! Help us prepare meals by peeling and chopping vegetables, preparing food for cooking, and packaging meals for clients.

Specific Duties:

  • Food preparation such as, but not limited to, chopping, slicing, dicing, peeling, grating, and/or mincing of vegetables for the kitchen chefs.
  • Labeling meal containers for delivery.
  • Packing prepared hot meals in containers.
  • Packing desserts for delivery routes.
  • Packing frozen meals in groups of seven for delivery.


  • Volunteer must be at least fifteen (15) years of age.
  • Volunteer must be capable of standing for long periods.
  • Volunteer must be able to lift at least 20 lbs.
  • Volunteer must be comfortable using kitchen utensils such as knives, peelers and other sharp tools.
  • Volunteer must demonstrate the ability to work with others.
  • Volunteer must show proof of a negative Tuberculosis screening.
  • Volunteer must be willing to commit to six (6) months.
  • Volunteer must be comfortable interacting with a variety of individuals in a culturally diverse environment.

Want to get started?  Visit our main Volunteering page  for orientation information.

If you have questions about volunteering, please call our volunteer hotline at (415) 447-2404 or email our Director of Volunteer Services.

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